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Carnivore Mind was formed in 2004 with 5 members. The main purpose of the band it was to play death metal with grindcore influences. With this formation recorded the demoCDR (PESTE UTERINA).

After it suffer several changes in the formation of his members, the band stabilized itself with NAUSEOUS DISEASED "disgorging/screams", ZOMBIE WALKER "disseminator beats/growls", DEAD GUT "depraved guitar, CORPSE RIPPER "nekrobass", altering his compositions and transforming the sound in a brutal and sickly one noisegoregrind.

In November of 2006, with the present formation, they recorded once again the DemoCDR "PESTE UTERINA". Besides, the name was changed for PESTE UTERINA "Vomit Remnants" including 5 tracks of his first album with a new approach, plus a cover for the legendary band of death/horror MORTICIAN.

Nowadays, the band is working in new compositions for his near DEMO or participations in compilations, splits, eps for disclosure of his work.

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