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There are three artists with the name "CJ"

1) CJ is the name of Mike Jones Cousin, who appears on certain tracks with him

2) A tape released on Unskilled Labor

3) This is artist CJ from myspace

4) Drum and bass artist from Hungary, also known as CJ Ice

CJ is an engineer, songwriter, artist, musician, and producer. CJ was born in Tampa, Florida in 1988 but was raised and grew up in Orlando. Ever since his childhood, he has had a passion for making music in all of its forms. He has been an avid singer and instrumentalist. He plays several instruments, but his forte is the cello. He has played with numerous orchestras, including the Philharmonic Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as being an All-County cellist 4 times and an All-State cellist once. He has always had a passion and love for hip hop, and began writing rhymes when he was 13. CJ was inspired by southern artists and pioneers in rap music. Over the years, he has improved his lyrical content and freestyle abilities and has received praise and props from a number of rappers he has respect for. CJ has worked hard to take his rapping to a new level and loves to collaborate with other artists. He has recorded volumes of music, enough to fill several CDs, and is currently working the tracks he wishes to put out on his new mixtape. CJ currently lives with fellow artist Envy, where the two of them spend all of their free time recording. They have been told that their style compliments each other and they are attempting to produce music that deviates from the typical mainstream. CJ also consistently makes music with his associate Jersey, who is largely responsible for influencing and molding his freestyle abilities. Just when CJ was about to give up on rapping, Jersey helped him reach a new level and status and regain his confidence. Together, they have made several hits and have begun to put their music out in the hoods around Orlando. CJ will continue to make music because he feels that it is his talent and his life. CJ is always open to suggestions or inquiries.

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