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Musicology Biography Of Ken Kruse AKA Bukez Finezt ……He, born 1985, is one of Germany's best kept secrets. He began his journey into music in the mid 1990's, 1997 to be precise, he began producing styles such as Rap, Big Beat, Breakbeat, and moved into Drum and Bass towards 2000, he now produces and plays out Drum and Bass under the alias Chaffa and has grown a renound following in his local city and region. Ken's younger brother Phil (AKA POK) set his brother on a life changing route when he offered Ken a chance to DJ at local parties and clubs he had organized playing alongside DUBOUT, a close friend of both, from here Ken..s repertoire grew, rapidly! Ken Kruse AKA Bukez Finezt can now be heard around the world (UK, USA, Scotland, Holland, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Poland, France and many more) at all thriving underground electronic music parties, festivals, clubs and radio shows! His tunes got plays from Ultrablack, Vista, Numbernin6, Fused Forces, Richie August, DJ Jaybird, JSL aka RUF, Crissy Criss, Propa Tingz, Vaski, Stagga, Afterdark, Borgore, 6 Blocc, 16bit any many more.. Having well over a decade of practice and expertise in computer generated electronic music production, his skillset has become well rounded and this is unmistakably clear in his work and tunes! Lately he has progressed from producing Drum and Bass, and has made a huge impact in the world of Dubstep! One feat of his work is having his music played on a wide range of net-radio stations such as,,, and countless others! To find out more visit:

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