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Bridget St John (b. 1946) is an English singer-songwriter.

Born Bridget Hobbs on the 4th October 1946 in South London, she learnt piano and viola as a child, and guitar while a student at Sheffield University, from which she graduated in 1968. Her "To B. without a Hitch"/"Autumn Lullaby" (1969) was one of the first two singles released by Dandelion Records, John Peel's label. Ask Me No Questions - including the earlier single, and sparingly produced by Peel - was the label's first LP later the same year.

Her second album, the more highly regarded Songs for the Gentle Man, was produced by Ron Geesin, and two more albums followed: Thank You For… (1972), again on Dandelion, and Jumblequeen (1974), on Chrysalis. Commercial success did not follow critical acclaim, and St John lay low for some time, reemerging in the 1990s, and releasing Take the 5ifth in 1996.

Aside from work under her own name, St John has also recorded with Mike Oldfield, Kevin Ayers, and Robin Frederick. There is another recording artist named Bridget St John in Seattle, Washington, USA, who has since changed her stage name to Sweet Punch to avoid confusion.

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