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Boys Life was an indie rock/post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. They formed in 1993 and released two albums, a self-titled LP and "Departures and Landfalls." Other releases include a 7" single released by Synergy records. Three split 7" records with Secular Theme, Vitreous Humor, and Giants Chair. They also share a critically acclaimed split 10" with Christie Front Drive.

Featured singer/guitarist Brandon Butler who went on to form groups The Farewell Bend (with Boys Life bassist John Rejba and Giants Chair drummer Paul Ackerman) and Canyon (with Boys Life guitarist Joe Winkle). He now performs as a solo artist. The drummer John Anderson formed the bands Higher Burning Fire and White Whale.

There was an earlier Boys Life as well, from Boston in the early 80s, or Malden, if you're really making intra-128 distinctions. Best remembered for their 1982 12" on Seco Records.

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  • 1993 – 1997 (4 years)
  • Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, United States
  • Brandon Butler Joe Winkle John Anderson John Rejba

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