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Boysetsfire is an American post-hardcore band from Newark, Delaware that formed in October 1994. The band is composed of guitarists Chad Istvan and Josh Latshaw, vocalist Nathan Gray, and bassists Chris Rakus and Robert Ehrenbrand. Lyrical themes are often of an anti-capitalist, radical left-wing political perspective.

Current members:
Nathan Gray - lead vocals (1994–present)
Josh Latshaw - guitar (1994–present)
Chad Istvan - guitar (1994–present)
Rob Ehrenbrand - bass (2004–2011, 2013–present)
Chris Rakus - bass (2013–present)
Jared Shavelson - drums (2013–present)

Former members:
Darrell Hyde - bass guitar (1994–1999)
Rob Avery - bass guitar (1999–2004)
Marc Krupanski - bass guitar (2011–2013)
Matt Krupanski - drums (1994–2013)
Dan Pelic - drums (2013)
Lee Dickerson - lead guitar (2013)

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