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This is music project collaboration between a musician, named Bondan Prakoso and a Rap hiphop group, Fade2Black; the members are Titz, Santoz, Lezzano from Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the early 2002, Bondan Prakoso who is also well known by public as a great talented bass player, who was also a former bass player in a Funk Stream band called Funky Kopral, and Tito a.k.a Titz who are known as a rapper and has group called Fade2Black, are often share their thoughts and idea to each others about music. They both came from different backgrounds of music, Bondan Prakoso more likely in Funk and Rock music and Titz in Rap/Hiphop. These 2 campus mates from Faculty of Culture and Humaniora, deepin' in Dutch literature, are colleges friends on University of Indonesia, Depok.

By the late 2003, because of the needs and his desire in acknowledging music is getting more mature, deeper and freedom in creating this art, Bondan Prakoso decided to go further as he decided to retired from their former band, Funky Kopral.

2004 was the year where Bondan came up with an idea to merge a different kind of music and combine them in a new package form of music, as in that mid year, he has asked Titz to join in a music project. Titz thought that it will be more strong with his group joining in.

The situation is getting more varieties and more colorful as Bondan approved to involve this Hiphop group from Bogor, Fade2Black, in this project. Instead of only 1 rapper, this music project is combining 3 rappers, Titz, Santoz and Lezzano.

Fade2Black by the late 2004, they were starting to go further with this project and created various kind of music whit the touch of Rap, Rock, Funk as the elements. Bondan Prakoso is in charge for the music instruments, looping, and arranging, while fade2Black get more close to the lyrics.

The process took only 4 months to complete and in August 2005, their 1st album with the title "Respect" released under the SONY BMG Music Indonesia. Since then, the album which contains not only 1 type of music, but many types of music with rap as the basic vocal, by TITZ, SANTOZ LEZZANO, while in other songs also joined BONDAN on vocal in singing.

With this piece of arts, they managed to received contribution and awards, such as:

- MTv Indonesia Exclusive artist in November, 2005
- MTv Advance Warning award in November, 2005
- Indonesian Music Award (AMI) 2006 , as the best Rap album production.

and in 2008, they are ready to break the Indonesian Music Industry with their more hard, impulsive, innovative forms of music. With their latest new album, named Unity, and with their breakthrough single hit, KERONCONG PROTOL.

With this new debut from their second album, they've won the 2008 Indonesian Music Award (AMI) for the second time in a row for the best Rap album Production.

Now in 2010, they're back with their 3rd album, "For All". Hitting back the local music industry with the hits single 'Ya Sudahlah'.

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