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There are many artists with the name Blue:
1. A British boy band.
2. A British pop rock group.
3. A Swedish indie band.
4. A project of Chris Mann and Paul Darking.
5. A rock band.
6. A world music band.
7. A j-rock band Blüe.
8. An electronic artist.
9. An indie artist with many releases.
10. An italo disco group.
11. A d'n'b artist.
12. An indie pop band.
13. A band fronted by Mark Storace.

1. A British boy band consisting of four members: Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Antony Costa, and Simon Webbe.
The band debuted in 2001, and split up after the big success, in 2005, but was reunited later.
All of the band members pursued solo singing careers alongside other interests.

All Rise
The band released their debut single All Rise which sold more than 1.300.000 copies on May 21, 2001 and the song rose to number four on the British Top 40.
Blue released their next single, Too Close (a cover version of Next's song), on August 27, 2001 and this song was Blue's first number one single.
After the CD single Too Close there were two new singles from the album All Rise; If you Come Back and Fly By II (which is a remix of Fly By). Those singles sold more than 200.000 copies in the UK.

One Love
The band released a new single and album, in the summer of 2002, both called One Love which was the most popular Blue's album, selling more than 3.000.000 copies.
Their next single, which also reached number one on the British Top 40, was a duet with Elton John entitled Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word, a cover version of one of John's songs. This track was number one in Europe for 6 weeks

In 2003 the third album Guilty was released.

The band decided to split after Elton John suggested that their popularity was decreasing and that they should concentrate on their solo careers. They did so after releasing their Best Of Blue greatest hits compilation in 2004, which contained a few new tracks such as Curtain Falls, Get Down On It and Only Words I Know.

The band announced in April 2009 that they had reformed. Their first confirmed gig was Capital FM's Summer Ball in London.

On 29th January 2011 they were unanimously chosen to represent the UK at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, and have consequently reassembled into a boy band once more.

In 2012 the fourth album Roulette was released.

In 2015 the fifth album Colours was released.

2. A British pop rock group formed in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973.
1st line-up:
Timmy Donald (b. 1946, Bristol, Avon, England) (drums),
Ian MacMillan (b. 1947, Paisley, Strathclyde, Scotland) (bass, guitar, vocal),
Hugh Nicholson (b. 1949, Rutherglen, Strathclyde, Scotland) (guitar, vocal, keyboard).
Signed to Elton John's Rocket Records label (John also produced them), they released their self-titled debut album Blue, then added Robert "Smiggy" Smith (b. 1946, Kiel, Germany) (guitar) for their second, Life in the Navy.

2nd line-up:
Ian MacMillan (bass, guitar, vocal),
Hugh Nicholson (guitar, vocal, keyboard),
Charlie Smith (drums),
David Nicholson (guitar).
This lineup scored a US singles chart entry and UK Top 40 hit with Gonna Capture Your Heart and recorded the third album Another Night Time Flight (1977) and the fourth album Fool's Party (1979), after which Blue broke up.

3. A Swedish indie band from Örebro. They have released two albums on the Skellefteå's label A West Side Fabrication, Blue (1993) and Sitting on a Sofa (1994). They have also released three EPs, Calling, Popsong EP and All I Ever Do.

4. A project of Chris Mann and Paul Darking from UK. The genres are dub, downtempo, ambient, trip hop and other electronic styles.
They released three albums (Resistance, Mexican Church and Nightwork), one mini album (Corrosion), some EP's and appeared on some compilations.
They were last active in 1999.

5. A Rock band which released the album Voice of Reason (2003).

6. A World music band which released Indigo Soulstice (2002) and Stay Gold (2004).

7. A J-rock band Blüe. Please see their second page for more information.

8. An electronic artist who released two albums (Losing Control and Intensity) in 1999 on the label Fast Moving.

9. An indie artist.
- Welcome to the Nineties (1990),
- The Lion's Den (1991),
- Alive in the Valley, Dead in the Water (1993),
- The Lion And The Pride (Live, 1994),
- Burden (1995),
- Rockabilly Rat (1999).
- Holly's Song (2000),
- Something Borrowed Something (2002),

He composes film scores such as those for the feature-length TV movies 'Legends' (2003) and 'South Mountain Magic' (2006) and the indie film 'Cowboy Killer' (2008).
He has also worked under the monikers Metal Machine (with DiRTY DEAL founder/front-man Terry Miller) and Church Of Chaos.
He has produced and performed on a number of records with Rockabilly / Punk artist Erik Mielzarek. His current musical vehicle is the band Booze Monkey.

10. An Italo Disco group which released Everybody Needs Somebody in 1986.

11. A dnb artist who first released on the label Runninz in 1997 (the label is famously owned by Marvellous Cain.)
When he went to Vinyl Distribution, a German label, it was rumoured to have prompted Marvellous Cain to threaten to throw Blue out of the window.
He also recorded on the labels Southern Sessions, Streetbeats and Noir amongst others and recorded with a number of artists including Donovan Smith. He also had a number of releases under the names Ultra Violet and ZnO. As a sound designer he has worked under the name ZnO with Robert Morgan on the short films 'The Cat With Hands' (which won a Welsh BAFTA), 'The Separation' and 'Monsters'.

12. An indie pop band from Campinas, Brazil. They changed the name to Summer, I Swear.

13. A band fronted by Krokus frontman Mark Storace.
Line-up: Marc Storrace (vocals), Vic Vergeat (guitar/keyboards, ex-Toad, guest on Gotthard's D Frosted), Rick Schultz (drums).

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