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Born in Ireland but made all across Europe, Biig Piig documents the cold closing chapters of adolescence on her debut EP Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol. 1. She takes her moniker from an experience with a ropey sounding pizza name on a takeaway menu and it fits her perfectly; taking on her free spirited, chaotic nature. The EP opens on ‘Dinners Gettin’ Cold’ which is short but sweet. It does a good job of setting the mood for the whole EP. Perhaps ‘Pink Sorbet’ is the best song here, it’s a lower, slower jam and it appears to be where Smyth is most comfortable, sitting in a sultry talk-rap where she’s able to completely control the other elements.

Top Tracks
2) Oh No
3) Switch
4) Sunny
7) Shh
13) Flirt
14) 24K
15) Vete
16) Crush'n
17) FUN
18) Liahr
23) Tarzan
24) Remedy

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