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There are multiple artists that use this name:
1) Electronic duo from Nottingham, England. They are the founders of Sport Records.
2) No wave/post-punk trio from Brisbane, Australia.
3) Bent is also the name used by an Icelandic rapper and XXX Rottweiler Hundar member, a Balikpapan, Indonesia, digital hardcore band, and others.

1) Bent is the name of the Nottingham, UK,duo formed by Neil Tolliday (aka Nail Tolliday) and Simon Mills. Their critically acclaimed début album was Programmed to Love (2000) and their latest is Intercept! (Oct 2006).

Programmed to Love was a very successfully for advertisement music. "Invisible Pedestrian" track featured in a 2003 Absolut Vodka commercial and, more famously, a late-90's USA Volkswagen bus commercial. Also, "Private Road" was included in a 'Bank of Carlsberg' TV ad' clip (Dec 2001).

Other albums included The Everlasting Blink (2002), Ariels (2004) and, most recently, the more inspired Intercept!.

Later, a cluster of remix / rework singles / EPs appeared, around the release of Best of (Aug 2009). Four years later saw the 34-track From The Vaults: 1998-2006 (Jun 2013).

2) BENT are a Brisbane 3-piece on Emotional Response Records. Their Bandcamp profile goes thusly:

"BENT are a trio of wonky post-punkers from Brisbane Australia. On “Snakes and Shapes”, their 2nd full length, the band deliver 14 tracks of inspired and skewed pop - raw and beautiful.

Comparisons are inevitable, though potentially lazy, masking the bands originality. (However, The Raincoats, Kleenex and early Slits may give you a suggestion of the bands sonic intent). Heidi’s vocals are joyous in delivery, almost primal in execution. Spacious drums, present a unique clatter and clang provided by Skye, freeing up the bass to provide rhythmic anchor. The guitar, (Glen), is remarkable; inventive and unhinged.

BENT are startling in their intent. Powerful without cliché or hubris."

Emotional Response Records Bandcamp site here:
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