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Bedouine is the moniker of the North American based singer-songwriter Azniv Korkejian. Although born in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic her family swiftly moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where she spent her first childhood years. During this time she lived in a closed off expatriate community and attended a North American school, so the contact to her country of residence and it's people was seriously limited. At the age of ten she and her family finally moved to North America, where she grew up. In USA she moved frequently, her famiily first settled in Massachusets, then move to Houston, she then would travel to different cities within the USA before settling in LA. This explains the moniker she decided to give herself; Bedouin people come from a society of nomads that live in the Sahara, North Africa. Azniv, who has no relation to these people, simply saw them as nomads and considered the name fitted her.

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