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There are more than one band under name name of Bearings

1. Bearings are a pop-punk band from Ottawa, Ontario. They are currently signed to Pure Noise Records. After a string of self-released EPs "Home Is…" & "Higher Ground" they signed to Pure Noise Records in 2017 and released their first music for the label with the EP "Nothing Here Is Permanent which was released on September 4th. The following year they released their debut full-length album "Blue In The Dark" on October 12th. Pure Noise described it as a collection of songs that will whet the appetite of current fans while showing off the group’s ability to grow as artists and not simply stick to their laurels. They followed up their album in 2019 with a digital two song single "So Damn Wrong / Feel It All"

2. Bearings was from Philadelphia, PA. They were a powerful four piece post-hardcore/screamo band in the vein of bands like Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason with an ambient element that played to the style of Explosions In The Sky. They released a S/T 7" EP on Runner Up Records and a split 7" with Pswingset on Missing Words Records. In August 2010 they released their a debut LP on Runner Up Records called "Exist.Expire." The band recorded two songs for a split 12" with the UK band Directions in summer 2011 but the record was never released.

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