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Swiss electro/EBM/synthpop/wave band from Geneva!
BAK XIII was created in 2001 in Geneva Switzerland by DDDmix and Baron Von Smock. After two years of experimentations, the band decides to release it’s first album “In Cauda Venenum” in 2003, on Urgence Disk Records and Garf joins BAK XIII at this occasion. This first album is strongly influenced by industrial and new-wave from the early 80’s.The trio starts to play around and gets some good feedback from the audience. In 2004 the band releases “Post Lucem Tenebrae” it’s second album, it contains new songs and remixes of older tracks. On this album BAK XIII starts really to define it’s specific sound, still keeping 80’s influences but tending to bring them to something more personal. The production and the mastering is done in collaboration with Naïche Barbaglia at California studio. Still touring around BAK XIII gets more popular. In 2005, the album “Morituri Te Salutant” is out. The typical BAK XIII’s sound is born, thank to the great work of production done by Drop at The Drone Studio and the still effective mastering by Naïche Barbaglia. The guitar becomes a more important element of the music and leads to a more complex sound. This third album is welcomed and the band gets more fans. BAK XIII tours more and more and through it’s powerful shows gets more and more audience. In 2006 the bands releases the album “Vae Victis” and the single “Dead Again”. Keeping it’s collaboration with the same team, BAK XIII follow it’s own path. During this time BAK XIII also made a lot of remixes for other bands, a parallel activity BAK XIII really enjoys. After numerous live acts Garf leaves the band and BAK XIII releases “Ultima Ratio Regum” in 2008, still produced by Drop and mastered by Naïche Barbaglia. The artwork is done by Nicolas Joos, who also designed all the other albums. His very specific approach of graphism gives an original identity to the covers of all BAK XIII’s albums. This fifth release brings BAK XIII’s music to another dimension, the sound is more accurate the songs more punchy and the choruses more catchy. The new guitarist Tenebras joins the team. BAK XIII carry on to tour around and to collect fans. In 2009 the Japanese label Deathwatch Asia releases a Best Of BAK XIII for the Japanese market, regrouping songs from the five albums. On that occasion Lyphilia starts to collaborate as a graphist and video producer with BAK XIII. End of 2009 the single “We Are Alive” is out, announcing the album “Ibi Deficit Orbis”.

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