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Diogo Álvaro Ferreira Moncorvo, known professionally as Baco Exu do Blues, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and rapper. Baco began to gain popularity after the release of the song "Sulicídio", composed in 2016 with rapper Diomedes Chinaski, in which both criticize the national rap scene, concentrated in the Southeast region, mainly in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, claiming more visibility for the musical production of the Northeast and North regions. Among the main characteristics of Bacchus are his strong metaphors with raw and poetic lyrics, which talk about love, sex, power, religion and society.

In 2017, Baco Exu do Blues was awarded as a New Artist by the Multishow Award for Brazilian Music. On the occasion, the artist also had his song "Te Amo Disgraça" elected Song of the Year by the juries.

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