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Bill $aber, known as James McClary to close friends and family, is a 21 year old video director, book writer, graphic designer, but mostly, a Hip-Hop MC. Many call Bill $aber a rapper. He disagrees. “I say it all the time, I’m not a rapper. I am a creator. Rap is just one thing that I’m creating right now.” Using Hip-Hop and rap as an outlet to get across a larger message, Bill $aber is hoping to influence all around him, starting in his hometown of Buffalo. His stage name in fact comes from two of the biggest influences on his life. “The name Bill $aber comes from the hometown professional football and hockey team, Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. I chose to spell ‘Sabre’ as ‘$aber’ to keep some originality within myself.” He originally thought of the name when attempting to think of an adequate way to represent the city he loves so much. Although Bill $aber is attempting to rise to fame through Hip-Hop, the person behind the microphone has much larger ambitions.

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