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B*Witched are a girl group from Dublin, Ireland who were wildly popular in Europe in the late 1990s and enjoyed mild success in the United States. They were unique for their ability to mix Irish folk music with mainstream pop. After more than a ten year hiatus B*Witched reformed in 2013.

Their members were twin sisters Edele and Keavy Lynch (younger sisters of Boyzone's Shane Lynch), Sinéad O'Carroll, and Lindsay Armaou (now in band Clayton)

Shane Lynch, Edele and Keavy's brother and a member of Boyzone, helped in finding them a manager who got them signed to Glowworm Records, a subsidiary of Epic Records.

They released their debut single "C'est La Vie" on May 25, 1998. It immediately went No. 1 on the UK charts, making them youngest girl group ever to do so, and also went Top 10 in the United States. Their debut album, B*Witched, was released on October 12, reaching No. 3 in the charts and going triple platinum. Very rare dolls of the group were made by Yaboom Toys.

The band deliberately cultivated a tomboy image, with jeans and denim being a trademark of the group. Despite being dismissed as a throw-away pop act, the girls co-wrote many of their own songs, including 5 of their 7 UK singles.

B*Witched was the first group ever to have its first four singles all enter the UK charts at No. 1. This record would later be broken by Westlife in 2000.

Their second album, Awake and Breathe, released in 1999, peaked at No. 5 on the charts and only sold a fraction of their debut. The singles from this album reached No. 4, No. 13, and finally No. 16, a disappointment for the group and record company, but the girls continued to tour the globe and began work on their third album with producers Ray "Madman" Hedges and Richard Stannard.

"Across America 2000" was released in the US, featuring covers of "Mickey" (which was featured in the teen-flick Bring It On) and "Play That Funky Music", and they re-appeared a few months later on The Princess Diaries movie soundtrack with "Hold On" - a track taken from their third album.

Their 8th single, "Where Will You Go", was scheduled for a summer 2002 release, but the group were dropped by their record label whilst shooting the promotional video in Africa. Plans for a new deal with Telstar records fell through later that year, and they officially split in September 2002 after Sinéad O'Carroll left the band, although Lindsay Armaou has since insisted that all four members remain friends in comments on her official website.

B*Witched reunited for a reality series The Big Reunion in February of 2013. Based on the success of the show and the demand for tickets at the Hammersmith Apollo show, B*Witched and the other bands from the show are currently proceeding with an arena tour around the UK and Ireland.

On May 04 2013, B*Witched released their first new material in over a decade, titled "Love and Money".

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