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Ayesha Alexis Auciello, better known as Ayesha Erotica or Ayesha Nicole Smith is an American producer/songwriter and former singer/rapper residing in Huntington Beach, California. She has made music in a variety of genres, often focusing on themes of eroticism and sexual liberation.

Ayesha started using the Ayesha Erotica name around April 2015 and would go on to produce Miss Prada's debut album, Queen of Pop, released in June of that year. She also put out her own singles via SoundCloud throughout 2015 including songs such as "Can I Get a Bump?" and "That's Hot" followed by the Sick at Home mixtape in January 2016. Following this, Ayesha released 2 albums (Big Juicy and Barely Legal) and 1 EP (Cumshot) along with various songs throughout 2016. She had planned a third album, Gangbang, for an October release but it was ultimately scrapped for unknown reasons.

Production for Ayesha's new third album, Fresh Meat, began in late 2016 shortly after the shelving of Gangbang. In April 2017, Ayesha released the title track from the album on her SoundCloud page. Later that fall, a new single, Literal Legend was released alongside promises of a music video of the song premiering within the coming weeks. In the song's upload description, it was confirmed the album was set to be released on October 25, 2017 and would be available for streaming on iTunes as well as physical CD's available for purchase, however this never came to be. After the release of the EP in November 2017, it was speculated by fans that the tracks on the EP were originally intended for the shelved album.

In 2018, Ayesha announced that she was working on another third studio album, horny.4u. The album was teased via Ayesha's Instagram with the back cover and tracklist posted around July 16, 2018 containing 8 standard tracks, alongside several "exclusive MySpace bonus tracks". On August 28, 2018, she teased five confirmed tracks for the album, including newly revealed bonus track – a finished version of Control, which was previously posted to her SoundCloud account in demo form in early 2016. After some delay, Ayesha took to Twitter to clear up misunderstandings about the album and where her career was headed, officially confirming a planned December 2018 release for the album and two versions of the project: a standard 8 track version for Spotify and iTunes, and an "xxxtra dirty" deluxe version with 6 bonus tracks planned for SoundCloud. Around the same time, Ayesha expressed discomfort with her online presence and stated that the album would be her farewell from music.

Ayesha announced her retirement in late 2018, stating that she would not be releasing any more music under the Ayesha Erotica alias but would still be working as a producer and songwriter for others as a source of income. Sometime in December 2018, Ayesha surprised fans with a quickly deleted Instagram story claiming new music was coming, however that never came to be. On February 11, 2019, Ayesha teased the release of Delicious, the highly anticipated bonus track from horny.4u, on her Instagram as the official final single of her career, but it was never released.

In July 2019, collaborators Petey Plastic and That Kid posted selfies with Ayesha on Twitter, which sparked rumours that she may be coming out of retirement and that her long-awaited comeback could possibly be in the works. This was later debunked by Ayesha herself, when she posted on her Instagram story that she was not returning to music and that related theories were false.

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  • 11 August 1996 (Age 26)
  • Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, United States

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