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Awaken I Am is a 5-piece Progressive Rock/Post-Hardcore band from Australia's beautiful Gold Coast and Brisbane. You may recognize some of them from the band Sleepers, but after a few line-up changes, the guys decided to start fresh as Awaken I Am. The list of bands who AIA have toured with in the past year also looks remarkably like the roster of Australia's biggest touring acts: The Amity Affliction, Closure In Moscow, As Tall As Lions, Lydia, Dream On Dreamer, Tonight Alive, Parkway Drive, Skyway, Caulfield, Rufio, Floating Me, Electric Horse, The Winnie Coopers and Surecut Kids, just to name a few.
Awaken I Am are easily distinguished from their peers in many ways. Their EP, Resonance, is brimming with infectious guitar riffs, playful drum structures, catchy composition, and perfectly subtle synths. Their insightful, perceptive lyrics and heartfelt, energetic music can be embraced by listeners of multiple genres, which is why they draw fans from a variety of bases including rock, hardcore, alternative, pop and indie.
AIA's live show is something to be seen as well. They are teeming with energy and it doesn't take the crowd very long to catch on to their enthusiasm. Even if you have never heard them before, you can't help but appreciate the obvious quality and get your head moving. They hit you with passionate vocal harmonies that will send chills through your bones, all while instrumentals remain as tight as they are on the album.
Awaken I Am are, quite effortlessly, raising the bar on what our generation accepts as quality music and talented musicians.

Band members:

Adam Roger Douglas - Vocals
Instagram: @awakenadam
Twitter: @Awakenadam

Ashley Jackson - Guitars
Instagram: @ashtjackson

Jed Nadin - Guitars

Mitch Fogarty - Drums

Ned Jankovic - Bass

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  • Connor Verner-Oakley ( – 2018)
    Jay Sibthorpe Jimmy Alexander Luke McKenzie Ned Jankovic … Ryan Oxford

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