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The Artist name Audy can refer to two artists;

1) Paula Allodya Item or well-known as Audy (born on April 23, 1983) is a singer from Jakarta, Indonesia. When Audy was very young, she was interested in drums and often played as a drummer with her schoolmates' bands, but Audy has always wanted to become a professional singer. With the help of her father, Jopie Item, a famous Indonesian musician, Audy submitted some demos to Sony Music. One of the demos, "Satu Jam Saja" was a cover song of Indonesian female singer, Asti Amodiwati, the track was featured in a various artists love compilation album. Sony Music was interested with the demos and they signed a deal with her to allow her to release four studio albums.

In 2001, Audy released her debut album, "18" (18 was her age at the time of release).

In 2003, Audy released her second album, "20-02" (20-02 means the album was released on February 20 and she was 20 years old at the time of release).

In 2004, Audy was featured in Glenn Fredly's song, "Terpesona (feat. Audy)", from his album, "Selamat Pagi, Dunia!". This year Audy also won Favourite Artist award at MTV Asia Awards 2004.

In 2005, Audy re-arranged the tracks in her second album, added 4 additional new tracks, and released it as "20-02 Repackage".

In 2006, Audy released her third album, "23-03" (23-03 means the album was released on March 23 and she was 23 years old at the time of release).

2) AUDY (all caps) - born in Monte Coman, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina in 1984. "My meteorite body is like the snow in the desert, crumbled, it melts by the sun. I bloom from earth, like weeds on the river. I shout from my depth. I stand in the sand, and everything what there I do, everything what that place does to me, is shaped. AUDY is a climatic lab, that it is only possible to be caused in the mind and the wind." paola falciani/gavril alone/audy

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  • 23 April 1983 (Age 38)
  • Jakarta, Jawa, Indonesia

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