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Atrax Morgue was a / project from Sassuolo, Italy, founded in 1992 by Italian musician Marco Corbelli. He was born in 1970 and committed suicide in 2007.
Corbelli had always had a fondness for and interest in death. His music was inspired by disturbing subjects such as murder, isolation, psychosis, pornography, necrophilia, fetishes, pathology and diseases.

In 1990 Marco Corbelli started a self-printed Italian magazine titled "Murders", focusing on serial killers and extreme industrial reviews. It only lasted three issues but ended with the creation of Atrax Morgue and his own label Slaughter Productions.

The music of Atrax Morgue is a sinister, synthesizer-based dissonance rich with pulsating tones and throbbing static beats. His severely distorted electronic voice reverberates through the fore ground like the spoken word performance of a homicidal maniac.
Influenced by The Sodality, Whitehouse, Brighter Death Now and the Cold Meat Industry label, his first work was recorded in the Summer of 1992, at a friend's home, using just a keyboard, a multi-effect and voice. It was titled "In Search of Death" and released on cassette through his Slaughter Productions imprint. This label would expand into a catalog of Corbelli's music as well as a mail-order purveyor of other noise acts, including artists he has greatly admired such as raison d'être, Inanna, Runes Order, and Bad Sector. In 1993, Slaughter Productions published an international compilation titled "Death Odors", featuring some of Corbelli's favourite noise and industrial acts.

Throughout the late '90s, Atrax Morgue released numerous CDs on prominent noise labels, such as Self Abuse Records, Release, Old Europa Cafe, RRRecords, Crowd Control Activities and Ars Benevola Mater.
In 1998 Corbelli started an Atrax Morgue side project called Mörder Machine, using some harsh rhythms mixed with the usual analog noise and voice.

Marco Corbelli committed suicide by hanging on May 6, 2007.

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  • 3 April 1970
  • Sassuolo, Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy Died 6 May 2007 (Aged 37)

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