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Atlas Genius are three Australians Keith (vocals, guitar), Steven (bass), Michael (drums) and Englishman, Darren (Keyboards).

The first Atlas Genius single, “Trojans”, was released on May 4, 2011.

Andrew Hwang reviewed the single on Neon Gold Records (New York) and posted the following review, June 4, 2011.

“Like an invitation you weren’t expecting to get, Atlas Genius knocks on your door and creeps into your peripheries in stealth mode. Fair warning: “Trojans” will invade your head, all dressed up in a clever disguise of earnest vocals riding a hooky riff that easily approaches Phoenix-esque levels of infectiousness. And then there’s that driving bassline gliding over a frenetic bridge with athletic ease, the kind of thing cruise control dreams are made of. It pulls up outside your window, blasting from a fully functional boombox, shouldered by some dude in a trenchcoat holding the weight of the world. It won’t leave. And then you realize you never want it to. If you need protection from generic brand “party indie”, try this one on for size.”

Within hours of Andrew’s review, the Atlas Genius inbox started filling with mail from, record companies, music lawyers and radio promoters, as well a whole new community of bloggers and tweeters.

In the 24hr period following the review, “Trojans” had in excess of 2000 downloads.

The band is committed to releasing individual tracks as soon as they are recorded, and playing the songs live.

On February 19, 2013, Atlas Genius released their major label (Warner Bros.) debut "When It Was Now".

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