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Astra King is a 23-year-old producer, singer, and songwriter based in LA, most known for appearances in hyperpop & PC Music-related online events, including Appleville (alongside Charli XCX, 100 gecs, Clairo and more) and My Agenda ONLINE (with Dorian Electra ).

Astra’s first official release under PC Music is a cover of A.G Cook’s Silver from his first debut album, 7G. “I sort of gained a rep for being a ‘cover band’ because it’s my favorite way of avoiding teasing my own stuff while actually still teasing my own stuff,” Astra explains. “It’s all I would feel comfortable playing at these shows for a while. Hilariously, my first official release under PC Music is a PC Music cover, which feels kind of perfect.” Currently, Astra King is working on new original music due to drop this year.

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