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Ari has his background deeply in mod (music) demoscene where he has also won many music competetitions. Ari made his first big public album to a freeware game named "StarFight VI : Gatekeepers" in year 1999 which was a huge success among many gamers. Later on he worked on another PC-Game "I've got some balls 2" music but IGSB2 was never released because developing team broke up.

Many years later Ari was attached to produce in-house music and audio to a game company named Frozenbyte. Frozenbyte was making their first commercial PC-game named 'Preygrounds' which later on was renamed to Shadowgrounds.

Shadowgrounds got top reviews from magazines, websites and gamers. Especially the Shadowgrounds soundtrack got large interest from many sources and finally the soundtrack was released seperately. The Shadowgrounds soundtrack is now one of the few commercial soundtracks published from Finland worldwide.

Lordi's guitarist Amen worked with Ari to create hot guitar riffs for the the Shadowgrounds soundtrack.

Ari Pulkkinen has also provided the soundtrack to the downloadable Playstation 3 game "Super Stardust HD" that was release on June 15, 2007. Is a remake of the classic Amiga game "Stardust"

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