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Anthony Green, born April 15, 1982 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is the lead vocalist for the band Circa Survive. His first solo album, Avalon, was released on Photo Finish Records in 2008. A follow-up entitled Beautiful Things was released in January 2012.

Anthony is well known for his impressively high vocal range. In addition to his position in Circa Survive, he is the former lead vocalist of Saosin and member of The Sound of Animals Fighting, a band featuring members of Rx Bandits and Finch. Other projects he has been involved in throughout his career include High and Driving, Audience of One, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer and Jeer At Rome. He has been featured as a guest vocalist or backup vocalist in many bands, such as Fear Before the March of Flames, The Receiving End of Sirens, Envy on the Coast, The Spill Canvas, Say Anything, Good Old War, A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, and Like Lions. Green also played four acoustic sets opening for The Color Fred in late December 2005, as well as two benefit shows in December 2006.

In 2003, Anthony Green moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Southern California in order to pursue a future with Saosin. Saosin would release only one EP with Green, Translating the Name, before he departed to form Circa Survive. The band immediately gained the support of Equal Vision and within a year had released a limited edition tour EP entitled The Inuit Sessions. They went on to release two full-length albums, Juturna and On Letting Go, before moving on to Atlantic and releasing a third, Blue Sky Noise, and another EP, Appendage. Anthony Green considers Circa Survive his only band, and has labeled his other ventures, including his solo career, as “projects.”

Anthony's song “I've Been Dying to Reach You,” was recorded in 2003 with Justin Shekoski of Saosin at John Feldman of Goldfinger’s home studio. It was later rerecorded and released as "Dear Child (I've Been Dying to Reach You)" on Avalon, along with other tracks that Anthony had played throughout the years but had not released. Anthony has acoustically covered songs by artists such as Good Old War, Bjork, Pink Floyd, and The Monkees. A spoken version of his poem “Jesus And The Sharp Electric Star” appears in the book Revolution on Canvas.

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