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Another Breath formed in 2003, old friends that grew up together in Fulton, NY, "The City with a Future". The title was misleading. Although Fulton, NY may not have had a future, Another Breath on the other hand does.

Since forming in 2003, Another Breath have two releases (2003's 'Not Now. Not Ever' and 2005's 'Mill City') under their belts on the acclaimed label Rivary Records

Always pushing forward and reinventing themselves, Another Breath are back to turn heads with their newest release, "The God Complex" recently released on Panic Records.

Writing music from the heart and mixing harmony with heaviness, Another Breath is a band built on more than hype, they are a group of friends doing what they love to do, together, through the highs and lows.

Another Breath played their final show in Syracuse, NY on August 27th, 2011.

Side projects the members are/were involved in:

Night Owls
Ghost X Ship

Former AB/Mayflower drummer Steve Port now plays drums and tours full time with Minneapolis punk band Off With Their Heads. Scott Gillard (ex-guitarist) plays in NY pop punk band Mayflower and Philadelphia punk/rock band Highlites. Other ex-guitarist Jon Davis plays/played in a folk/alt-country trio called Whiskey with two members of Engineer, as well as a Hot Snakes-influenced rock band called Night Owls (with ex-Spark Lights The Friction member Grant Johnson).


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