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Oeiginally Zachary Barnett (vocals), James Adam Shelley (guitar/banjo), Matt Sanchez (drums), and Dave Rublin (bass) started the band "American Authors" Boston, Massachusetts in 2012, but soon moved to Brooklyn, New York. As their band name suggests, this quartet writes stories through their music to share their struggles, high and lows, and changes.

Soon after forming, American Authors caught the attention of Island Records, which signed the band to a record deal. Their debut album "Oh, What a Life" was released on Mar 04, 2014. And the song 'Hit It' was included in EA Sports game FIFA 14.

Their Second Album, 'What We Live For' , was released on 13th of May 2016. Which included upbeat songs like 'I'm Born To Run' , 'What We Live For' and 'Pride'.

Their 3rd Album, 'Seasons' was released on 1st of February 2019, which has a different taste then the first 2 Albums by the Band, Where the first 2 were more Upbeat, Seasons was more about dark sides and inner sides of the Band and Life.

After releasing a streak of Singles in late 2019 and Early 2020, American Authors put out their EP 'Counting Down' on the 18th of September 2020.

In the summer of 2021, the band announced they are parting ways with James Adam, the bands guitarist.
The bands lineup was now: Zachary Barret (Guitar, Vocals) , Matt Sanchez (Producer, Drums) , Dave Rublin (Bass Guitar)

On 25th June 2021 , the band released their first single as a trio, 'Nice and Easy' featuring a collaboration with Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.

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