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All My Faith Lost … is a / group from Italy.
Founded in 1999 by Federico Salvador and Francis M. Gri, All My Faith Lost … initially did not have an exact direction, but while revisiting "La Belle Dame sans merci", a poem by John Keats, the band began focusing on the enchanted world of the faeries.
Viola Roccagli and Raffaella Missio, both singers and flautists, listened to the early works and joined the group. The musical style became more romantic and acoustic. After reading fairy tales and books such as "Good Faeries/Bad Faeries" by Brian Froud, figures began to loom to eventually become songs. Some of them have been recorded in the first demo CD titled "Hollow Hills".

All My Faith Lost … began to focus on the spirits of the water and wrote stories and tales about faeries, witches, elves and everything else living in the water. Water, like rain, the water of a river or of a lake and even a tear. From this the name of thir second work: "In a Sea, in a Lake, in a River … … or in a Teardrop", released in 2002. It should have been the second demo CD, but after listening to it, Gianfranco Santoro of the independent label Sin Organisation / Nail Records decided to release it in a limited edition of 300 copies.

During the recording sessions of "In a Sea, in a Lake, in a River … … or in a Teardrop", Raffaella left the band. In 2003 the band recorded an album titled "Chamber Music", a collection of song-settings of James Joyce poems. The music of this album (unreleased due to copyright problems) was the basis of the first official full-length album of the band, released in 2005 by the Swedish label Cold Meat Industry. Titled "As You’re Vanishing in Silence", the work was acclaimed by national and international press and audience.

After recording "Chamber Music", Francis left the band, and Viola and Federico started to perform live gigs, mainly in Italy, supporting Sieben, The Vanishing, Picastro and Josephine Foster among others.
During 2006, Viola and Federico recorded a new album, titled "The Hours". It was released in August 2007 by Cold Meat Industry in Europe and by Projekt Records in USA. "The Hours" is inspired by literary works and authors held dear by the duo.

In 2007, All My Faith Lost … toured Germany with an outstanding performance at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, opening the evening for Lux Interna, Rome, and Ataraxia.

Viola Roccagli - vocals, flute, pianoforte, synths, lyrics
Federico Salvador - vocals, acoustic and classic guitar, synths, samples, lyrics

Former members:
Francis M. Gri aka Apart - guitar, synths
Raffaella Missio - vocals

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