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(1992-1995, 2002-)

access (stylised in lowercase letters, and also known as AXS) is a Japanese pop group composed of producer/composer Daisuke Asakura (浅倉大介) and Vocalist Hiroyuki Takami (貴水博之) (real name Hiroyuki Fukuda). They formed access in 1992 and released three original albums (Fast Access, Access II, and Delicate Planet) under the record label "BMG FUNHOUSE" before disbanding in 1995. Before access, Takami appeared on Asakura's album "D-Trick" performing the songs "1000 Nen no Chigai", "Toy Box in the Morning", and "Cosmic Runaway" (which later would be known as Daisuke Asakura PRED. AXS - Cosmic Runaway). During the break up, three more albums were released (AXS Singles Tracks, AXS Best Remixes, Sequence Meditation), none of which featured Takami's vocals. Takami appeared in the backing vocals of Asakura's solo song "Space Paradise."

access reunited under a new label in 2002 (Sony Antinos Records) with the single "Only The Love Survive." The rumors of their reunion crashed the homepages of Asakura and Takami. They went on to release three more albums under the Sony label: Crossbridge, Rippin' Ghost, and Re-Sync Ghost. access went on hiatus in 2004. In 2005 they cut the new tracks "Catch The Rainbow" and "Summer Night Breezer~mannatsu no SHINDERERURA (Summer Night Breezer~Midsummer's Cinderella)

Between 11:30pm and 12:00am on December 31st 2005, access unveiled a new song called "Bright Sight".

They released the album "binary engine" on 4th July 2007, and the song "瞳ノ翼" (hitomi no tsubasa) was set to be the opening theme for episodes 24 and 25 of the anime series "Code Geass".

They released "Secret Cluster" in 2012.

Access is also the name used by an Australian trance artist, and UK drum & bass producer Jason Greenhalgh.

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