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Abbie Falls is a five member metalcore band with deathcore elements from Prague - Czech Republic, that have been formed since september 2015, but their lineup is actual since 2018 (expect of drummer and bass player). Their members are Tomáš Klár - vocals (scream, growl), Petr Michovský - drums, Lukáš Děkanovský - guitar, Adam Karásek - guitar, Vojtěch Pačesný - bass. In october 2015, their lead singer Tomáš joined the group. In march 2016 Abbie Falls recorded their first tracks - Friends For(n)ever, Time Bomb, Hey Guys. They got invisible for a moment and in 2018 recorded new song, It Ends Tonight. In 2019 Illness and in 2020 Amphisbaena, that got them in higher levels in core music. Their most popular music came up in 2021, with their albun No One’s Above, No One’s Below. Abbie Falls joined new label called Seek & Strike (same label as Upon A Burning Body etc.) and dropped out new song called Parasite in 2022

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