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Abandon All Ships is a post-hardcore band founded in 2006 in Toronto, Canada. Originally, playing covers of Norma Jean songs and having gone through many different band members, most of them attending Dante Alighieri Catholic Secondary, including lead vocalist, Angelo Aita and keyboardist, Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez and their first bassist Francesco Pallota, they eventually toured and opened for many post-hardcore bands such as Silverstein. They quickly became popular on the Internet through MySpace, and were noticed even more after their appearance on the Much Music program Disband. The band was originally conceived as "Abandon Ship" but found the name already in use by an Oregon-based band and Scottish novelty band "A Band on Ship". In early 2006 the band changed their name to "Abandon All Ships", retaining the imperative mood of the original name but allowing them to market themselves distinctively. They broke up in 2014 and reformed in 2016 with a single entitled Loafting.

Band lineup includes 6 members:

Angelo Aita – unclean vocals (2006–2014, 2016-Present)
Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez – keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics (2006–2014, 2016-Present)
Martin Broda – clean vocals (2006–2014, 2016-Present), bass guitar, keyboards, piano (2009–2014, 2016-Present), drums (2006–2009)
Daniel Ciccotelli – lead guitar (2011–2013, 2016-Present)
Daniel Paiano – drums (2009–2011, 2016-Present)
Andrew Paiano – rhythm guitar (2008–2011, 2016-Present)

Former members:
Francesco Pallotta – bass guitar (2006–2009)
Nick Fiorini – rhythm guitar (2007–2008)
David Stephens – lead guitar (2006–2009)
Chris Taylor – drums (2011–2013)
Kyler Browne – lead guitar (2009–2011, 2013–2014)
Melvin Murray – drums (2013–2014)

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