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Originally «:TREMOR » was created as total project of legendary Belgorod bands «Popcore Experience» and «Cataracta» in 2004, March. These bands started in 1993-1995, with efforts to create the common band with Andrey Kolesnikov aka Dron (the member of «Popcore Experience» since 1995), Alexander Naumenko aka Alex (the member of «Popcore Experience» since 1995) and Alexander Cheremisov aka Morton (the member of «Cataracta» since 1996). 10 years have passed and brand new project was started. Firstly, we decided to play some kind of unusual funny music with minimum of lyrics filled with sarcasm. Since August till November 2004 we have recorded a 12-songs demo «S Dnyom Rojdeniya Milaya! (Happy Birthday, Darling!)». Extremely talented composer and guitar player from Belgorod, Artyom Bankin helped us to record this album. 50 self-made copies were given for free during the presentation concert.

First line up [2004]:
Kolesnikov Dron - bass
Cheremisov Morton - vox
Naumenko Alex - vox
Proskokov Floyd - guitars
Kalashnikov Demon - drums
Astakhov jr. SanyOk– keys

But the band took the name «:tremor» only at 2005 after the serious changes. At the same year a brand new music style was created, and it’s called « Gangsta -Grind» (the same as Chanson -Grind).

Line up [2005]:
Naumenko Alex - vox
Bankin Artyom - guitars
Ivchenko Ury – drums
Astakhov jr. SanyOk – bass

After the number of concerts and recording the next album, which called «Zlo / Evil», the participants of the band were:

Line up [2006-2007]:
Naumenko Alex - vox
Kulandin Commander Keen - guitars
Astakhov Sgray - guitars
Astakhov jr. SanyOk – bass
Ivchenko Ury – drums

Then the band recorded the first official album called “S Dnyom Rojdeniya Milaya! / Happy birthday, Darling!” at D.A.C. Production in Kiev. By the end of the year Alexander Kulandin has left the band.

Line up [2008]:
Naumenko Alex - vox
Tyazhlov Eernie - guitars
Astakhov Sgray - guitars
Astakhov jr. SanyOk – bass / screams
Ivchenko Ury – drums

With these musicians the band taking part in: CoyoteBrutal fest, Murder Art fest, Petrogrind fest, Zverovision fest, MassaBrutto fest, Metal Heads Mission fest etc. with
TT”34 (Belarus), Sordid Clot (Russia), Amatory (Russia), Painful Defloration (Ukraine), Anal Nosorog (Russia), Britva Okkama (Russia), Rogatie Tropoedy (Russia), Icewind Blast (Russia), Indiga (Belarus), Mental Demise (Ukraine), Duodildo Vibrator (Russia), Septicopyemia (Russia), Festerguts (Russia), Malignant Tumor (Czech), Neolith (Poland), Jig Ai (Czech), Torsofuck (Finland), Katalepsy (Russia), Needful Things (Czech), Horse The Band (USA), Sickbag (France), Fleshgore (UA),WelicoRuss (Russia), Formalin (Russia), Mass Massacre (Ukraine), Episode 13 (Turkey), Khors (Ukraine), Seven Daily Sins (Belarus), Draco Hypnalis (Czech), Pandemonium (Poland), Banisher (Poland), Scythian (England), Abused Majesty (Poland), Killchain (Slovakia), Dementor (Slovakia), Hate (Poland), Imperious Malevolence (Brazil), Burden A.D. (Finland), Devilish Impressions (Poland), Dead Shape Figure (Finland), Parricide (Poland), Opitz (Czech), Rubufaso Mukufo (Czech), Desecrator (France), Inferia (Finland), The Sickening (Norway), Bastard Saints (Italy), Dead Infection (Poland), Cynic (USA), Tools of Torture (Italy), Cerebral Bore (Scotland), Rompeprop (Holland), Grind Crusher (Norway), Pigsty (Czech), Brainwash (Italy), Inhumate (France), Moonspell (Portugal), Gorgoroth (Norway), Samael (Switzerland) and many-many etc.

The second album "Zlo / Evil" was recorded very soon (we've worked on this album from the end of 2006 till the begining of 2007) and came on 2008 at D.A.C. Production label. Besides there were some experimental material recorded for Coyote Records label, based on music from 2004 album, Haruki Murakami (村上春樹 ) lyrics, anime and Japanese culture. It called "Ebluka" and was 4-way split CD with Ebanath (Ukr) / Defecal Of Gerbe (Fra) / Vulvulator (Ukr). Then there were a lot of concerts...
By the end of 2008 single "Beau Monde" was available for downloading from internet.
In April of 2009 we've started our work on the third album called "CHOTKO". The album was ready in October of 2009 still at the Dreaming About Cannibalism Production label with pit-art, slip-box etc. When the album was recorded Alexander Astakhov jr. aka SanyOk left the band and moved to St. Petersburg. Ivan Didorenko aka Ket-ka became a new bass player.

Line up [2010]:
Naumenko Alex - voices
Tyazhlov Ernie – guitars / back voice
Astakhov Sgray - guitars
Didorenko Ket-ka – bass
Ivchenko Ury – drums


2007 - "S dniom rozhdenia, milaia! / Happy Birthday, Darling" Full CD [D.A.C. Production]
2007 - "Sound Transformer" CD compilation [Moon Records]
2008 - "Coyote Records Sampler One" CD compilation [Coyote Records]
2008 - "Ebanath(Ukr) / Defecal Of Gerbe(Fra) / Vulvulator(Ukr) / :Tremor(Rus)" 4 way split - CD [Coyote Records]
2008 - "Zlo/Evil" Full CD [D.A.C Production]
2008 - "Coyote Brutal Fest #2" DVD [Coyote Records]
2009 - "Metal Heads Mission" DVD [Progressor Prod]
2008 - “Бoмoнд / Beau Monde” [Internet single - free download! see -]
2009 - "CHOTKO" Full CD [D.A.C Production]
2010 - "100-way Split tape" Audio Tape [Histoplasmosis Records]

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