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999 are an English punk band which formed in London in 1976. Founded by singer/guitarist Nick Cash, 999's original lineup also included Guy Days (vocals/guitar), Jon Watson (bass) and Pablo LaBritain (drums). Ed Case served temporarily as drummer following LaBritain's injury in 1978, while Watson has since been replaced by Danny Palmer (1986-1991) and former Lurkers member Arturo Bassick (1991-present). 999 became a popular act within the London punk circuit, releasing its first single ("I'm Alive") in 1977 under its own label. The band soon found chart success, attaining five top 100 UK hits under the United Artists label. However, 999's popularity began to wane in the early 1980s. 999 disbanded in the mid-1980s only to reform soon afterward. They have since released several albums and continue to tour. Also similar to the Ruts, 999 built much of their following through gigging the down and dirty venues around Southall in West London. 999 never showed the same reggae influences as the Ruts though, maintaining a 'pure punk' sound throughout. They are also still alive and well, and still gigging it hard.

  • Info
  • 1976 – present (44 years)
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Arturo Bassick (1991 – present)
    Danny Palmer (1986 – 1991)
    Guy Days (1976 – present)
    Jon Watson (1976 – 1986)
    Nick Cash (1976 – present)
    … Pablo Labritain (1976 – present)

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