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32 Leaves was a five-piece hard / music group from Phoenix, Arizona, United States. After releasing their first full album Welcome to the Fall in 2005, they were able to attract major label support from Universal Records. However, plans fell through and they ended up releasing their second album, Panoramic, independently on March 15, 2009.

The band formed back in 2001 and played locally in Arizona for their first few years. Their first formal release of music was in 2003 with the Fik'shen EP. The release had five tracks; the first three tracks, "Overflow", "Makeshift", and "Sudden Change", would later be reworked and re-recorded later for their first LP, Welcome to the Fall, in 2005. The other two tracks, "Bruised and Break" and "Dissolved", had a different, softer sound than the majority of the rest of their work, and were never reworked. Additionally, the track "Interlude to Addiction", from Welcome to the Fall, is also on the EP, but as an intro to "Makeshift" rather than a separate track by itself.
While the band toured some in 2009 in support of the album, they disbanded amicably in 2010.

Mike Lopez − guitar
Mike Chavez − guitar
Aron Orosz − bass
Barrett Gardner − drums

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  • 2001 – present (19 years)
  • Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, United States

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