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11:11 are a five-piece rock band from the North East of Scotland, featuring current and ex members of already established bands such as The Form and The Aftermath.

11:11 have been in the pipeline for some time, at first simply being a thought but slowly developing into a more serious proposition. On September 2008, their formation was confirmed when co-founders Chris and Stuart invited Euan and James to solidify the line-up and bring some noise. Drummer Gavin Wilson ended a four month search for a sticksman when he offered to drum for the band, and joined in January 2009.

The band's biggest inspiration is life in general; love lost and found, anger, the harsh reality of society, the media, disappointment at the powers that be, frustration at the action (and lack of action) taken by our World Leaders, poverty, war, needless bloodshed, lack of empathy for our brothers and sisters, and a general feeling that the world is not a nice place at all.

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Not to be confused withTwo stoned kids from Santa Barbara that made music on mac instead of going to class.

And also not to be confused with 90's grunge band 11:11 from Guelph Ontario.
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