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Tie Me Up! Untie Me! - mewithoutYou

Tie Me Up! Untie Me!

Catch For Us The Foxes
indie rock post hardcore experimental christian

mewithoutYou is an American band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2001. They are known for their warbling vocal style and introspective lyrics of lead vocalist Aaron Weiss, as well as their prominent bass riffs and atmospheric guitar. The band was originally conceived as a side project. The Weiss brothers and Kleinberg were playing together in another band called The Operation (who released one album, 2001's There Is Hope for a Tree Cut Down Show more ...

Tie Me Up! Untie Me! - mewithoutYou

I was looking at the leaves
Climbing to the tops of the trees
But you were nowhere to be found,
Just beneath all the green
You were buried like a little seed
(Among the roots and underground,)
I was licking at the leaves
But I was in short sleeves and you.
You were like some sickness that I caught.
My sweetheart moved away,
Swept off like garbage in the alleyway
(I need more grace than I thought.)

Brother, I'm far
Brother I'm far way
Brother away from everything good!(x2)
She's like a hot cloth on a fevered head
And like a needle she leads me
Well, I follow like thread
Tie me up!
Untie me!
All this wishing I was dead is getting old... Is getting old
It goes on but it's old.

I was swimming through the waves
For what must have been days
But could find no relief,
When I started sinking down
I thought for certain I would drown
Until I saw you in the ocean underneath
All the bright colored fish
Tell of a treasure in a dull shell,
"Such subtlety, so easily missed!"
You, my hidden pearl of pure and perfect love
And I'm the living example of 100 percent the opposite of this,
If I ask the same questions (now o know I ask the same question)(x2)
Well maybe I repeat myself from time to time,
But it's because everyone who answers me is a liar.

She's like a hot cloth on a fevered head
And like a needle she leads me
Well, I follow like thread
But you untied me - didn't you untie me, Lord?
And now I haven't even thought about
Killing myself in almost five months.