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Could Tell a Love - blessthefall

Could Tell a Love

His Last Walk
post-hardcore screamo hardcore emocore blessthefall

Blessthefall is a post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona. In the two-year span since blessthefall’s album His Last Walk was released, the band has undergone some internal repairs that could have sunk any other band on the rise. Not so for the Phoenix five-piece, who’ve learned that a kink in the gears isn’t enough to stop a band this strong for good. Formed in 2004 by a group of higher-thinking high-schoolers who wanted their peers to find meaning and camaraderie in their music Show more ...

Could Tell a Love - blessthefall

Well here go
My big plans
To build up this fortress into the clouds
It's made up of my love
And my heart and my blood
We'll make it out

Can I stand with the weight of the world? [x3]
Here I stand with the weight of the world
And this is all I've got

I'll make it now or not
It's made up of my love
I've fought so hard to fade
Our lives are meant to make
That's how it goes (it goes)

I wont't fall down
My heart still pounds
I'm breathing now
I won't fall down