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Sin Eater - Wurdulak

Sin Eater

Severed Eyes of Possession
black metal Norwegian Black Metal metal death metal norwegian metal

Wurdulak is a Black Metal band from Norway, which was formed in 2000. The lyrical themes are mainly about Gore, Putrefaction and Anti-Religion. Their last label was Coffin Records. An album with the name "Entrails of a Virgin" was supposed to be released in late 2003 on Coffin Records. Since nothing has happened, their status is questionable. Discography: >Creature Feature - Split with 'Gorelord' - October 14th, 2001 - Label: Red Stream, Inc. Show more ...

Sin Eater - Wurdulak

Sovereign is dying
Lifeless cold and blue
Virgin summoned
Lay upon his corpse

The stench of decay
Incense for the watchers
Eager to feed
Off the sin

Share the warmth
From her fair skin
Aroused and cold from the lips
Of a cadaver

Disciples begin to breed
Raping seeds from the body
Reincarnating their beliefs

Arisen from death
Sacrificial offering
Sovereign reborn
Through the blood of the pure

Implant the rotting organs
Souls of the living damned
Anger to feed from
The taste of sin