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Gospels of Depravity - Wurdulak

Gospels of Depravity

Ceremony in Flames
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Wurdulak is a Black Metal band from Norway, which was formed in 2000. The lyrical themes are mainly about Gore, Putrefaction and Anti-Religion. Their last label was Coffin Records. An album with the name "Entrails of a Virgin" was supposed to be released in late 2003 on Coffin Records. Since nothing has happened, their status is questionable. Discography: >Creature Feature - Split with 'Gorelord' - October 14th, 2001 - Label: Red Stream, Inc. Show more ...

Gospels of Depravity - Wurdulak

[Lyrics by Maniac]

Breathe into my mind
Breed inside my flesh
Be one of my kind
Die if you neglect

I am the electric gene
One who should detect
The rotting skin of sin
Your eternal defect

Prototype messiah
Disgusting creature abandoned
Teaching the false gospels
I shall be your depravity

In my hands you're dead, dead
Although you're still alive
Part of my existence
Cancer of earth

Die, die, die
I shall not let you