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Buried Beneath Perversion - Wurdulak

Buried Beneath Perversion

Ceremony in Flames
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Wurdulak is a Black Metal band from Norway, which was formed in 2000. The lyrical themes are mainly about Gore, Putrefaction and Anti-Religion. Their last label was Coffin Records. An album with the name "Entrails of a Virgin" was supposed to be released in late 2003 on Coffin Records. Since nothing has happened, their status is questionable. Discography: >Creature Feature - Split with 'Gorelord' - October 14th, 2001 - Label: Red Stream, Inc. Show more ...

Buried Beneath Perversion - Wurdulak

[Lyrics by Killjoy]

Piercing the mind's eye
At last a perfect thought
Enter those of vacant morals
Breaking the will of men
Once thought of as invincible
Corrupting the purist form
Turning it against it's master

Never again to be owned or
Expanding into new horizons
Gather in unspeakable numbers
Outstretched arms assembled
Now the answer is clear
Acts of contrition left behind
Buried beneath perversion