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At One with the Beast - Wurdulak

At One with the Beast

Ceremony in Flames
black metal norwegian metal horror metal metal Blackened Death Metal

Wurdulak is a Black Metal band from Norway, which was formed in 2000. The lyrical themes are mainly about Gore, Putrefaction and Anti-Religion. Their last label was Coffin Records. An album with the name "Entrails of a Virgin" was supposed to be released in late 2003 on Coffin Records. Since nothing has happened, their status is questionable. Discography: >Creature Feature - Split with 'Gorelord' - October 14th, 2001 - Label: Red Stream, Inc. Show more ...

At One with the Beast - Wurdulak

[Lyrics By Killjoy]

Storming the gates of creation
Stained glass shatters
Destroy the sacred scrolls
Ending the myth of paradise.

Devour the righteous
Unarmed and pitiful
No mercy for the weak
Slaughter of the innocents

Temples Crumble
Wisdom set ablaze
See the world burning
Through serpent eyes

Cast the shadow
In a land with no light
Apocalyptic reigning
At one with the beast