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Oath - Within the Ruins


metalcore Progressive Metalcore Technical Metalcore metal hardcore

Recognizing the talent and passion of Massachusetts natives, WITHIN THE RUINS, it’s no wonder Victory Records added them to its growing roster. This quintet is armed with a unique take on blending technology and metal together to write music that sets their band apart from the numerous metal bands today. WITHIN THE RUINS have mastered their technique of bringing breakdowns, riffs, tempo and a dash of personality together in order to form one cohesive entity. Show more ...

Oath - Within the Ruins

A wise man once told me I reminded him of himself when he was young
He saw the respect in my eyes and said "Stop at nothing and I will see you again one day"
I have stood where you are standing
I have thought what you are thinking
Now I stand before you sharing my story
There is nothing wrong with chasing a dream
There is nothing wrong with chasing your dream
These words might be simple but they will change your life
You will gain everything and regret nothing
Regret nothing
Remember how you get here, something no one can take from you
Experiences to last a lifetime, and no one can take them from you
Take them from you
Just live and don’t look back, if it seems that you have failed
Dust yourself off and wipe the sweat from your head
Set the stage
Scrape my bones from the pavement
Light the fuse and run
Were all in danger
The clock is ticking and our time will soon expire
This road can kill you but its worth every mile
Im never leaving here
Im never coming home