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If I Were a Magician - Will Downing

If I Were a Magician

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Brooklyn singer, Will Downing, was born in 1963 and appeared on the scenes in the early 1980s. Singing with Arthur Baker's group, Wally Jump Junior, Downing then used Baker as a producer when he was signed to Island Records. Before releasing his own album, Will Downing appeared on tracks with many other artists, including Daryl Payne, Marc Sadane, Warp 9 and Jennifer Holiday. In 1988, Downing finally made his solo debut, releasing the self-titled Will Downing. Show more ...

If I Were a Magician - Will Downing

If I, were a musician
I would play you sweet love songs
And before the tune was through baby
You would sing along
And every note, the master wrote
Would say that I love you
Oh if I were a musician
I'd sing my song for you

If I were a magician
I would make him disappear
I would simply snap, my fingers
And he'd be gone from here
I'd wave my wand, and from now on
You'd belong to me
For if I were a magician
You'd still be here with me
'Cause I love you baby yes
Yes I love you baby
Maybe I could go on living
If you would love me too.

Oooo cause I, I love you baby
Yes I, I love you girl yes I
I do, maybe I could go on, go on
Living if you would just, you
Would love me too, because I
I love you baby, yes I
I loveee you girl
Maybe I could go on living
If you would love me too