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United Worldwide - Warzone

United Worldwide

The Victory Years
hardcore nyhc Straight Edge Skinhead old school

Warzone was a hardcore punk band from New York City. Anti-racist skinhead frontman Raymond "Raybeez" Barbieri was the group's only consistent member between its formation on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 1982 until Barbieri's untimely death due to pneumonia on September 11, 1997. A U.S. Navy veteran, he was receiving treatment that many fans and friends have claimed was shamefully inadequate in a Veterans Health Administration facility when the illness damaged his liver and took his life at the age of 35. Show more ...

United Worldwide - Warzone

Together we stand true and strong.
Young and old we all belong.
A way of life in our hearts.
Held together can't be pulled apart.

United Worldwide (x7)
In every country we don't believe.
Ain't no movement what it means.
Safely united in one human race.
Can't be divided if there's no hate.

United Worldwide (x7)
Can't be divided if there is no hate.