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Jó, třešně zrály - Waldemar Matuška

Jó, třešně zrály

Píseň pro Kristýnku a další hity
60s Czech 1964 czechoslovakia czech oldies

Waldemar Matuška ['valdɛmar 'matʊʃka] (July 2, 1932 - May 30, 2009) was a Czech singer who became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1986, he emigrated to the United States. Since the Velvet Revolution he has lived in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Waldemar Matuška was born in Košice, Czechoslovakia, and spent his whole childhood in Prague. His mother was a singer in the Vienna operetta theatres. He worked as a glassmaker and performed on various musical instruments with many different bands. Show more ...

Jó, třešně zrály - Waldemar Matuška

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