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Barnacles - Ugly Casanova


Sharpen Your Teeth
indie rock indie alternative Ugly Casanova Modest Mouse

Ugly Casanova is an American band on Sub Pop Records. The band has only released one album: Sharpen Your Teeth. The band is a side project of Modest Mouse singer, Isaac Brock and Holopaw member, John Orth; initially, however, the band's origins were a mystery. The legend of Ugly Casanova was based around the character of Edgar Graham, a.k.a. "Ugly Casanova", who (according to the Ugly Casanova press release) met the band Modest Mouse while backstage at a concert in Denver, Colorado. Show more ...

Barnacles - Ugly Casanova

I don't really need to see,
So I don't need to see so i'll paint,
I don't know, i'll paint it black.
I don't need to see,
I don't see how you see out of your window,
I don't need to see, i'll paint mine black.
I don't know me and you don't know you,
So we fit so good together cuz I knew you like I knew myself.
We clung on like barnacles on a boat,
Even though the ship sinks you know you can't let go.
I was talking like two hands knocking,
Saying '"let me in, let me in, please come out."
Black glass, dirt-based soap,
Tell yourself what you know.
My friends, oh my friends,
Bury your head i'll help you bury your plans.
Hard hit, hard to miss, problems are what a problem is.
My light came up quick, call it your asterisk,
Buried like boys in a boys first book of the stars
Saw it as satellite, constant unblinking as,
Buried in the bottom of a bottom of a blackish lake.