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Hot Chick - Uffie

Hot Chick

Hot Chick / In Charge
electro electronic Electroclash female vocalists ed banger

"Hot Chick" is the third release from French/American electro artist Uffie. Both Hot Chick and In Charge were first available through audioblogs in July 2006, but weren't officially released until December 1, 2007 through Ed Banger Records. Also included in the release, is a 'bonus beat' of Hot Chick. Uffie and Feadz wrote the song, while Mr. Oizo produced both versions.

Uffie (born Anna-Catherine Hartley on December 9, 1987) is an American/French underground electro artist currently signed by French electronic record label, Ed Banger Records. She was born in Miami, raised in Hong Kong and now lives in Paris. Her stage name, Uffie, comes from the French words "Un Oeuf "(an egg), a nickname her father gave her as a child for being so rowdy. Her career took off in 2006, when she released her singles Pop The Glock and Ready To Uff, which gained her fame from the media, critics and fans alike. Show more ...

Hot Chick - Uffie

On my way to Miami I see all kind of freak,
From icky sticky bitches to fetish friendly tricks.
When I go out, some like to get me drunk and wild.
But the only thing you get tonight is my fucking drink tab.

Yes I'm like,
Hot chick that you can't even touch.
I'm like this cold ass bitch,
And I ain't ready to suck.
Uffie is here,
The boys are screaming,
And the club is packed.
And this one is for all my ladies who like to shake it like that.

So get your ass on the floor, down to the floor.

Touch your ass on the floor, down to the floor. (x4)

Tap your funky dancing shoes,
I can't hear, I want more.
Don't you stop, yes I want to see you're getting hot.
Uffie's got the hottest tracks,
And Uffie rock the beat.

In the club, I'm tired of hearing the same fucking shit.
With all the dancing crap, it's just the played out hits.
Where is the sound I like to hear that gets me shaking my ass?
I like an electronic beat with a
I'd like to have another drink I want to party hard.
Maybe roll out the fucking weed we gonna party hard,
Til the sunrise, we gonna get all sticky and shit.
But you don't care as long as me and dj Feadz drop the heat.

I'm like,
Hot chick that you can't even touch. (x8)