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Jazz 1960 - Už Jsme Doma

Jazz 1960

Fifteen Drops Of Water

Už Jsme Doma, (pronounced oosh-smeh-dough-ma), is a progressive rock band originally from Teplice, Czech Republic. The band's approach to arrangements and style is unique in the world of rock. They bring the instruments and vocals in different directions within the same scales and keys to create a dense melodic atmosphere. In addition, their rhythms often accent off-beats and half-beats, throwing the listener in unexpected directions. The music seems to be an exhausting juxtaposition between beauty and ugliness Show more ...

Jazz 1960 - Už Jsme Doma

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3) Strach
6) Napůl
7) Mlha
8) Koroze
11) Polykat
12) Lavina
13) Zvonek
15) Poslepu
17) Cajdák
18) Bosí
19) Tání
21) Uši
22) Fíkus
23) Znovu
25) Oko