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Malignant Coronation - Tsjuder

Malignant Coronation

Desert Northern Hell
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Pure unadulterated no frills black metal band TSJUDER date back to 1993 and the union of guitarist Berserk and vocalist and bassist Nagel (real name Jan Erik Romøren) in Oslo. The following year Draugluin (real name Halvor Storrøsten) was added on guitar for the initial 1995 demo tape ‘Ved Verdens Ende’. Berserk exited after the tape release as TSJUDER enrolled drummer Torvus for a second session ‘Possessed’. Friction was still evident as Torvus was given his marching orders being supplanted by Desecrator. Show more ...

Malignant Coronation - Tsjuder

Malignant Coronation

[Lyrics by Nag]

I summon You o Mighty One
I can hear You Calling
Whipsering words unspoken
Yes so clear

I can see the Gathering of Thousands
I can feel the Evil breathing
I know the Time has come
I know my Time has come

O Mighty Lord of Chaos and Desrtruction
O Ruler of Darkness

Spirits of Ancient Times has been awaken
Daemons of the Underworld come forth
The Sky turns back as never seen before
The Smell of Death approaches

O Mighty Lord of Evil and Hatred
O Ruler of Infinity

My Horde has finally awaken
I can see them raging
They now summon Me
I am their Master

Prepare of Desecration!