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Sweet Jane - The Velvet Underground

Sweet Jane

rock classic rock 60s psychedelic proto-punk

The Velvet Underground was a pioneering experimental rock band from New York City first active from 1965 to 1973. Its best-known lineup consisted of vocalist/guitarist Lou Reed, bassist/violist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison and drummer Maureen Tucker. The band also collaborated with Nico for their debut album in 1967, under the supervision of producer and pop artist Andy Warhol. Some see The Velvet Underground as being a bridge between Show more ...

Sweet Jane - The Velvet Underground

Standin on a corner
Suitcase in my hand
Jack s in his corset, Jane is in her vest
and me I m in a rock n roll band. Huh.
Riding a Stutz Bear Cat, Jim
ya know, those were different times
all the poets studied rules of verse
and those ladies they rolled their eyes
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Now Jack, he is a banker
and Jane, she s a clerk
and both of them save their monies
when they get home from work
sittin downby the fire
Ooo, the radio does play
the classical music there, Jim
The March of the Wooden Soldiers
All you protest kids
you can hear Jack say
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Some people they like to go out dancin
and other people they have to work. Just watch me now
and there s even some evil mothers
Well there gonna tell you that everthing is just dirt
you know that women never really faint
and that villians always blink their eyes
that children are the only ones who blush
and that life is just to die
But anyone who ever had a heart
they wouldn t turn around and break it
and anyone who ever played a part
They wouldn t turn around and hate it
Sweet Jane, Sweet Sweet Jane