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If You Stayed - The Softies

If You Stayed

Holiday in Rhode Island

The Softies refers to two bands: (1) The Softies were Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia, who both sang and played guitar. They recorded somewhat-wistful love songs mostly consisting of nothing but their two voices and gently intertwining electric guitars. Rose Melberg was in twee bands Tiger Trap, Gaze and Go Sailor; Jen Sbragia was in Pretty Face and is also in All Girl Summer Fun Band. The Softies disbanded, and since then Rose Melberg has pursued her solo work, while Jen Sbragia continues with All Girl Summer Fun Band. Show more ...

If You Stayed - The Softies

I felt so close to tears today
I had to take a walk
To make it go away
Wrapped up in your coat last night
I hooked your arm in mine
All in my mind

You're so close
You tell me something good
It's so hard to hide this like I should

I'm still so close to tears today
This walk is only taking me
Further away
To make you see me in a different light
I'd have to leave without saying goodbye

You're so near
You tell me something dear
It's only all the good things you fear
Maybe I should
Move away
You would only love me if you stayed